Hoteliers call for creation of a university in Ayia Napa

The Cyprus Hotel Association (CHA) has called for the immediate creation of a university in Ayia Napa.

The Association said it was needed to help “ameliorate the economic, educational and business activities of the region, in order to reinvigorate the economy, especially during the winter, hence actively fighting seasonality”.

The CHA said the government has so far been indifferent to the call and have delayed the issuing of a license for the establishment of a university since 2017, when the application was first submitted following protracted discussions with governmental authorities.

The location of Famagusta district between British bases and the occupied areas means different sectors of the regional economy need to be strengthened apart from tourism, the CHA said. A university in Ayia Napa would widen the regional economic activity and raise the prestige of the district, while being an important investment against seasonality by raising the standard of the workforce in the region, it added.

The CHA said the government needs to prioritise the licensing of a university in Ayia Napa.